Geothermal: In Europe and US

The MIT geothermal report 2006 is an eye opener to global warming solution. The US government has now become the world’s biggest investor in geothermal energy. In Germany “The Renewable Heat Act” passed in 2004 states that by 2020, 14% of the heat in Germany must come from renewable energy sources. Geothermal heat energy, unsurprisingly, plays a big role in Germany. An amount of €500 million a year has been allotted to geothermal to help exploration and exploitation. Germany has four geothermal drilling sites and four operational geothermal power plants.

 Geothermal power plants have high initial costs relative to other renewables, but they become “”remarkably”” cheap and cost-effective in the long term. Nuclear power plants are clean but can not compete with geothermal in terms of cost. The cost of decommissioning the plant after its life cycle and cost of waste disposal makes nuclear power costly.

 However, at the recently held World Geothermal Congress 2010, in Bali, an excellent concept paper entitled “Can Geological Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites Be Used as EGS Sites? Was presented that attracted several scientists across the world. If this method is perfected, world can get adequate power at affordable cost and keep the high level waste safely under control.

 Together with EGS could this be the ultimate solution to control climate change and power  millions?? ……..how is this…watch  for more news on this


Painting Competition at WGC 2010

The organizing committee of WGC 2010 invited children from Bali province and university students and public from Indonesia to participate in the WGC 2010 painting competition with geothermal as clean energy as the central theme.  78 entries were registered. 12 paintings won the competition. The paintings were auctioned  and the amount was  given to the local charity foundation 

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