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Press release by IRENA

A press release by IRENA states that ‘Working Together to Promote Geothermal Energy Towards a Sustainable Energy Future’ is the theme of the global geothermal alliance (GGA) meeting that is being organized in Florence on 11 Sept 2017. This is one of the largest meeting where more than 25 countries will meet to discuss barriers  that have obstructed the development and deployment of geothermal energy. Currently geothermal accounts for 0.3 % globally installed renewable energy capacity (only electricity). Geothermal energy is one of the lowest cost (unit cost) and most reliable energy world can have. Geothermal energy is the only energy source that can support base load electricity supply. Both government and private parties will participate in this global meet to unravel the > 200 GWe potential. To honor the commitment to the COP21 agreementm, the Italian government determined to invest and promote geothermal energy to bring down CO2 emissions states the Minister for Environment, Italy.

“My country is engaged, and will continue to pursue objectives within the framework of our National Energy Policy and Strategies based on our broad and remarkable renewable energy knowledge,” said the Minister.

Speaking at the press conference IRENA Director general said “ Globally, geothermal energy remains largely untapped despite its huge potential for low-carbon power generation and direct use in heating and cooling. “Right now we may only be harvesting six per cent of proven geothermal energy potential, meaning the sector represents a significant opportunity to decarbonise the energy system and drive economic growth in the 90 countries with proven resources”. The Aims of GGA is to achieve 500 % increase in installed capacity for power generation and 200 % increase in direct application by 2030.

The Alliance aims to enhance multilateral efforts towards a more favourable environment to achieve a 500 per cent increase in global installed capacity for geothermal power generation and a 200 per cent increase in geothermal heating by 2030. Geothermal energy is energy in the form of heat within the sub-surface of the Earth that is carried up to the surface as water and/or steam. Depending on its characteristics, geothermal energy can be used to generate clean electricity, or in direct use applications such as heating, cooling, the agribusiness and in industrial applications, to name a few. The environmental footprint of geothermal energy is negligible and its predictability and reliability make it a significant contributor to decarbonisation of the global energy system, while increasing security of supply, and boosting local economic development.


The pres rerelease did not mention about the EGS potential that will, when harnessed, will surpass the demand for the next two decades globally. The EGS technology is now in advanced stage and is going to jump to higher plant form soon. Besides electricity and direct application, this energy will support food production and make countries free from VWT, especially those oil rich countries in the Gulf. Currently the countries around the Red Sea and the Sub Saharan countries heavily depend on imported food and investing in other countries for meeting local food demand. This means basically the country’s food security lies outside the country boundary!! This is the most dangerous policy any government can promote and support as future will be fought for water and food by the countries, especially those countries mentioned above.


India has tremendous potential in hydrothermal and EGS energy…..but sleeping over the potential while neighboring countries are making best use of this energy to support their trade and security with all the European countries. India is obsessed with solar power, with out knowing where it is leading. Roof top, solar thermal are no doubt good options to be supported by solar pv. Solar should be stand-alone systems, without any subsidies supported by financial institutions.