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ArGeo C5 in Arusha

The African Geothermal Conference has just concluded in Arusha. This is the 5th ArGeo. The previou one was held in Nairobi. This conference is well attended by a large international community from Europe, Japan and USA. Greater than 100 technical papers were presented at this conference. These countries have an eye on the future business prospects as the East African Rift Valley provided ample opportunity to develop its > 30000 MWe from geothermal. There is growing awareness about geothermal in all the African countries and each Head of State made a commitment to develop the geothermal to end the energy crisis and to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and biomass. Kenya is the leader in geothermal amongst the rift countries followed by Ethiopia. Tanzania with its active tectonics and volcanism will join hands with the above two states to supply grid connected electricity to all the rural and urban regions of the east African countries. As one of the papers presented during the conference states that Tanzania has tremendous potential to develop its high heat generating granites. The advantage the state has that the rift is propagating further south creating huge geothermal anomaly within the Tanzanian craton. The debate during the conference centred around existing gaps in energy policies in the all the African countries and how to evolve a comprehensive energy policy and regulation acceptable to all the countries. This platform discussed issues related to providing a favourable conditions for the investors in geothermal energy sector. USA’s pledge during African Leaders Summit to provide US$ 300 million/year to expand the power sector and to provide power to the entire African continent is a great support to the geothermal scientific and business community around the world. By 2020 African will be energy independent and reduce oil imports. America has its hidden agenda between the lines. Today East African countries is flooded with Europeans, Asians….from E to SE Asia. From roads to erecting transmission lines….there is business. Ebola is forgotten!!!!! The UNEP played a “big brother role” in the creation of awareness, capacity building, providing technical assistance for exploration, evolving policies and providing net work information systems……everything related to geothermal and nothing else. The advantage in these countries…the African countries…is, the top officials come and participate in the conference debates and make commitment. No mediator is involved. By 2020 Kenya will be the leader in geothermal in the world proving 100 electricity from geothermal. This dark continent will soon glow with light and change the mosaic of the satellite images!!