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Grid connectivity

“A reliable and resilient electric system is essential to protecting public health and fostering economic growth and job creation. ……………………………. Consumers utilize heating, air conditioning, computers, and appliances with few disruptions. Nonetheless, there are significant changes occurring within the electric system that could profoundly affect the economy and even national security, and as such, these changes require further study and investigation. Baseload power is necessary to a well functioning electric grid. We are blessed as a nation to have an abundance of domestic energy resources, such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric, all of which provide affordable baseload power and contribute to a stable, reliable, and resilient grid. Over the last few years, however, grid experts have expressed concerns about the erosion of critical baseload resources………………………….”  This is the statement of US DOE Secretary Perry.

A robust electrical grid network is very essential for a healthy economy.  Take for example the geothermal belt of the Himalayas………………the Chinese have a vision. They are putting this carbon free energy source to better use by establishing a very good grid network to support the Silk Route. This idea was conceived about three years ago at a workshop conducted in Wuhan. Top scientists from USGS, British Geological Survey, Turkey, Afghanistan, Taiwan , India and China of course attended the workshop by invitation…… fact all the countries falling close to the silk route were invited to presented their views on how to power the Silk Road and gave a road map.

After the conference people disbursed…..there was a period of quiescence. Now the road is taking shape and perhaps the entire road will be powered by geothermal.  India too has “sufficient geothermal on our side” to uplift the entire Leh Community and protect the pristine Himalayan environment and ofcurse our army bases in Chumathang. Due to lakh of grid connectivity hundreds of Orphan Tibet children suffer from biting cold (-25 °C).  It does not take much time to lay a grid from the geothermal sites to the villages around Leh. The major beneficiary will be the army, who spends millions litres of diesel ( with low efficiency) to keep their system going…….diesel air lifted from the neaby airports. Indian should have an excellent command over the entire NE part of Ladakh. We allow Chinese to dump their solar panels at incredibly low cost and boast generating solar power at Rs 3/kWh……..of course with subsidy.


“ What’s not to like? Plenty. Solar power has many hidden subsidies. Its true cost is far higher than for thermal power…………………..At an investor conference last year, one solar entrepreneur estimated the true cost of solar power (sans implicit and explicit subsidies) at Rs. 6/ unit without storage and Rs 8/unit with storage. A captive coal based power station working flat out yields power at just Rs. 2.50/unit, far cheaper than solar power. Commercial thermal power plants have quoted Rs. 1.77 to 4/unit……Solar costs are falling fast……….Speed is not a virtue. Rising solar targets repeatedly looks green and good, but has hidden, potentially disastrous costs…” reports “SWAMINOMICS” on 16 April 2017. We have > 70% population without grid connected electricity. It is not difficult to get this work done…it is question of mind set. When intentions are above politics, things will work.