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WGC 2015 – round the corner!!!

Between 2010 in Bali and now geothermal industry has seen tremendous growth and has consolidated its position amongst the renewables. New achievements that took place between this period will be presented at this congress with 3000 people participating and 1400 scientific papers being presented at this congress. EGS has taken the lead and is projecting a bright future for all the oil importing countries. Australia is the second country to initiate EGS project after France. New Berry volcano EGS is picking up fast and may start producing power by 2016. With deep drilling heat exchanger technology at place, any country can buy this technology off the shelf and each home/ buildings/office complexes/ will be in a position to generate power from its backyard. India’s EGS resources are huge. With high radiogenic granites available anywhere in the country, the country will lead in establishing EGS based project soon. The technical programme includes a wide range of topics. Country updates, Legal and regulatory, Business strategies, Geothermal education, Heat pumps, Health and Tourism, EGS, CDM, Magma-geo-pressure systems, mineral extraction and processing, Drilling technology and power generation, Direct use, Integrated Energy Systems are some the topics that are having large participation.

Several panel discussions are scheduled during the congress. REN Alliance session on Sustainable technology integration for 100% renewable energy -case studies is one such panel discussion. IGA is a partner of REN-A. This session will demonstrate how to achieve 100% renewable—-a dream come true for public, political and business community. Some of the top scientists are participating in this session.

A few of the papers that are being presented from India are listed below:

  1. Lashin, A., Al Arifi, N., Chandrasekharam, D., Albassam, A. ,Rehman, S. and Pipan, M. 2015. Geothermal Energy Resources of Saudi Arabia: Country Update
  2. Singh, B., Ranjith, R.G., Singh, H.K.. and Chandrasekharam, D. 2015. Possible Enhanced Geothermal System Potential of High Heat Producing Radioactive Bundelkhand Granite
  3. Singh, H.K., Chandrasekharam, D., Trupti, G. and Singh, B. 2015. Geochemistry of Rajgir-Munger Metasedimentary Springs of Bihar, India
  4. Singh, H.K., Chandrasekharam, D., Trupti, G. and Singh, B. 2015. Geochemical Characteristics of Bakreshwar and Tantloi Geothermal Province, India
  5. Trupti, G., Chandrasekharam, D. and Singh, H.K. 2015. Trace Element Concentrations in the Thermal Waters Along the West Coast of Maharashtra, India
  6. Chandrasekharam, D and Chandrasekhar, V. 2015. Geothermal Energy Resources of India: Country Update
  7. Chandrasekharam, D., Lashin, A., Al Arifi, N. and Chandrasekhar, V. 2015. Clean Development Mechanism Through Geothermal, Saudi Arabia
  8. Chandrasekharam, D., Lashin, A., Al Arifi, N. and Chandrasekhar, V. 2015. High Heat Generating Granites of Western Saudi Arabian Shield
  9. Verma, M.P., Portugal, E., Gangloff, S., Armienta, M.A., Chandrasekharam, D., Sanchez, M., Renderos, R.E., Juanco, M. and Geldern, R.V. 2015. Results from a Worldwide Proficiency Test on the Determination of Carbonic Species Concentration in Natural Waters
  10. Chaudhuri, H., Sinha, B. and Chandrasekharam, D. 2015. He in Bakreshwar geothermal springs.


The following book flyer will be released during this period




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