Sendai earthquake

M 9.0 earthquake of Honshu, Japan disrupted normal life along the entire E and NE coastal regions of Japan. The question being asked is “ how safe are the geothermal power plants (GPP) in and around Sendai ?”  when the all the four Fukushima nuclear reactors ( ~ 4600 MWe generating capacity) yielded affecting a large number of people in the region.

Nothing happened to the 4 GPPs located on either side of Sendai.  There are 8 GPPs located around Sendai region- 4 plants north of Sendai, 1 located south of Sendai and the remaining three located along the western coast, just opposite to Sendai region. 198 MWe of power is being generated by these power plants.  The power plants tripped immediately after the earthquake for couple of hours and resumed their normal capacity generation later. Hachijojima GPP, located in an island, south of the epicenter region has not been damaged and started functioning after a short break. That is geothermal!!!